Athletics New Zealand Women’s Ranking for 2020
Open Rankings include U18/U20 and Senior Ages
(updated on December 21)

10th Open and 2nd U20 pole vault Eliza Meekings 3.37m
12th Open and 5th U18 high jump Claudia Knight 1.66m


3rd U18 heptathlon Kaitlin Feather 3633 points
7th U18 100m hurdles Gracie Pratten 14.94
7th U20 and 28th Open discus Abby Ladd 35.30m
9th U18 100m hurdles Kaitlin Feather 15.03
9th U20 long jump Sophie Gill 5.07m
10th U18 and 38th Open 3000m Sequoya Prentice 10:28.12
10th U20 200m Sophie Gill 26.22
11th= U20 400m Sophie Gill 59.45
13th U18 and 39th Open 800m Rosie-Jane Trotter 2:17.66
13th U20 100m Sophie Gill 12.82
13th U20 200m Aria Carroll 26.41
14th U20 100m Aria Carroll 12.83
15th U18 and 47th Open 3000m Neve Moulai 10:36.78
18th U18 and 38th= Open long jump Gracie Pratten 5.17m
19th U18 and 40th Open long jump Kaitlin Feather 5.16m
21st= U18 200m Lily Cockram 25.95
23rd U18 1500m Rosie-Jane Trotter 4:49.80
23rd U18 400m Rosie-Jane Trotter 59.61
24th U18 800m Paris Carroll 2:20.12
24th U18 1500 Georgia-Rose Dawson 4:50.30
27th U18 1500m Sequoya Prentice 4:51.88
29th U18 1500m Neve Moulai 4:52.14
31st U18 1500m Paris Carroll 4:53.14
35th U18 200m Gracie Pratten 26.38
36th U18 100m Gracie Pratten 12.87
37th U18 3000m Paris Carroll 10:57.96
37th= U18 100m Lily Cockram 12.88

Athletics New Zealand Men’s Rankings for 2020
(updated on December 21)


5th Open and 1st U20 400m John Gerber 48.66
5th Open 3000m Mitchell Small 8:09.14
6th= Open and 1st U20 pole vault Joshua Bull 4.20
7th Open 3000m Nick Moulai 8:13.02
11th Open discus Joshua Bull 37.82m
18th= Open and 3rd U20 pole vault Vincent Chen 3.40m
18th= Open and 7th= U18 pole vault Nicholas Ryan 3.40m
18th Open and 6th U20 200m John Gerber 22.28
19th Open and 8th U20 100m John Gerber 11.02
20th Open 5000m Mitchell Small 15:00.28

2nd U20 decathlon Joshua Bull 4925 points
4th U18 and 32nd Open 1500m Ethan Smolej 3:59.14
5th U18 and 39th Open 800m Ethan Smolej 1:56.42
7th U20 discus Joshua Bull 43.58m
9th U18 and 23rd Open pole vault Mitchell Corkery 3.25m
9th U18 and 19th= Open high jump Ethan Bone 1.88m
10th= U18 and 22nd= Open high jump Levi Murdoch 1.86m
14th U8 400m Ethan Smolej 51.92
17th U20 and 39th= Open 200m Josh Crook 22.74
22nd U20 100m Josh Crook 11.46
24th U18 200m Calib Bone 23.45
37th Open 800m Thomas Moulai 1:56.00
33rd= Open 200m Jarvis Hansen 22.55
38th Open 3000m Thomas Moulai 8:39.58

Athletics New Zealand Women’s Ranking for 2019 year


3rd Open and 1st U20 javelin Caitlin Bonne 46.32m
10th= Open and 4th U18 pole vault Eliza Meekings 3.35m
11th= Open and 5th= U18 high jump Claudia Knight 1.69m
13th= Open  and 7th= U18 high jump Kate Davies 1.68m
17th Open and 7th U20 heptathlon Anastasia Naylor 3474 points
20th Open and 5th U20 discus Caitlin Bonne 38.45m
20th Open and 6th U18 long jump Sophie Gill 5.49m

5th= U20 and 28th= Open high jump Anastasia Naylor 1.60m
5th U20 and 50th Open 800m Chantal MacDonald 2:18.36
6th U18 javelin Amelie Spinks 38.08m
7th U20 and 29th Open discus Ashleigh Leonard 34.97m
9th U20 and 34th Open discus Abby Ladd 33.85m
14th U18 100m hurdles Kaitlin Feather 15.87
16th= U18 and 25th= Open high jump Frances Stevenson 1.61m
16th U18 and 45th Open 400m Sophie Williamson 59.20
18th U18 and 41st= Open long jump Kaitlin Feather 5.16m
18th U18 and 41st Open 100m Aria Carroll 12.59
18th U18 and 47th Open 400m Sienna Stowers-Smith 59.25
18th U18 and 48th= Open 200m Lily Cockram 25.89
20th U18 and 43rd= Open long jump Sophie Williamson 5.12m
20th U18 1500m Rosie-Jane Trotter 4:51.05
21st = U18 200m Sophie Gill 26.07
24th U18 400m Rosie-Jane Trotter 59.48
24th U18 3000m Sequoya Prentice 10:47.06
25th U18 1500m Neve Moulai 4:51.72
28th U18 3000m Ella MacDonald 10:50.05
28th U18 300m hurdles Kaitlin Feather 49.15
29th Open long jump Hannah Moloney 5.31m
29th U18 400m Lily Cockram 59.99
31st U18 100m Sophie Gill 12.78
35th U18 3000m Paris Carroll 10:57.27
40th U18 800m Rosie-Jane Trotter 2:20.10
42nd U18 100m Lily Cockram 12.88
49th= U18 200m Aria Carroll 26.67

Athletics New Zealand Men’s Rankings for 2019 year

7th Open and 2nd U20 400m John Gerber 48.66
10th Open and 1st U18 pole vault Joshua Bull 4.05m
17th Open 3000m Jared Monk 8:27.03
18th= Open and 8th U20 200m John Gerber 22.12
19th Open 1500m Jared Monk 3:52.16

1st U18 and 39th Open 5000m Andres Hernandez 14:58.22
2nd U18 and 41st Open 1500m Andres Hernandez 3:58.85
3rd U18 decathlon Joshua Bull 5393 points
3rd U20 and 23rd Open long jump Cody House 6.56m
4th U18 discus Joshua Bull 48.49m
5th= U18 and 21st= Open pole vault Vincent Chen 3.38m
5th= U18 and 21st= Open pole vault Cameron Hewitt 3.38m
5th U18 and 39th Open 400m Bradley Jervis 50.90
9th U18 and 24th Open triple jump Joshua Bull 12.84m
9th U18 and 49th Open 800m Bradley Jervis 1:57.35
10th U20 and 25th Open 100m John Gerber 10.95
10th U18 1500m Ethan Smolej 4:06.74
15th U18 long jump Joshua Bull 6.19m
18th U18 800m Ethan Smolej 1:58.74
19th U18 200m Cameron Mantell 23.07
22nd U20 200m Josh Crook 22.92
24th= U20 Josh Crook 100m 11.23
26th Open 1500m Mitchell Small 3:54.70
28th U18 shot put Joshua Bull 12.33m
34th Open 5000m Mitchell Small 14:45.32

Papanui Toc H 2018 Breakup

High Performance Success

2018/19 Season

John Gerber was selected for P2P.

John is now identified as a future Athletics New Zealand International Athlete.

Oceania Champs 2016